Transform your homepage from
ho-hum to high-converting
in just two hours

A workshop for women+ businesses owners who want to learn how to craft a homepage that attracts and retains clients with ease.

Struggling to turn website visitors into paying clients?

It’s frustrating to have a website that just doesn’t convert.

You’ve tried different strategies, invested time, you’ve invested money, and still, the results are not what you hoped for.

It's time to change that.

Creating a homepage that truly resonates with your audience and drives them to take action is challenging.

I know you’ve already:

But I’m here to help you transform your homepage into a client-generating machine with ease.

Even with…

Imagine a website that works for you 24/7

Picture this:

Your website is a powerful tool that attracts, engages, and converts visitors into loyal clients. Your business is growing, and you’re finally seeing the results you deserve.

You’re getting a steady stream of leads, bookings, and sales through your homepage. The frustration of wondering where your next client is coming from is a thing of the past.

Your confidence has skyrocketed because you know your website looks professional and is optimized for conversions, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

This is possible. This could be your life!

And it’s why I created the High-Converting Homepage Workshop.

The High-Converting Homepage Workshop

In this 2-hour intensive workshop on July 23 at 12:00pm you’ll learn step-by-step how to create a high-converting homepage that turns visitors into clients.

But it’s not just a workshop. It’s a comprehensive framework designed specifically for purpose-driven women+ entrepreneurs, combining proven strategies with practical exercises.

Sign up now and you’ll walk away with the skills and confidence to transform your homepage and start seeing real results.

In just 2 hours, we’ll cover:

The 6 Essential Sections of a Homepage:

Discover the best order for maximum impact (customized to you, of course).

Detailed, Experienced Instruction:

Understand what to say in each section and which elements to include for your business.

Copywriting Made Easy:

Learn how to write engaging copy without being a copywriter, even if you’re not a fan of writing.

Visuals that Convert:

Get tips on what kinds of images to use, where to place them, and whether or not to include videos.

Inspiration and Examples:

Access resources to find inspiration, see homepage examples, and more!

Plus, you get these bonuses!

Plug-and-Play Homepage Template:

Includes every section you might need, complete with side-by-side detailed examples. Easy-to-read and understand, so you can actually use it to create your best homepage.

Design & Layout Guide:

Not a web designer? No worries! This guide includes layout templates for each section of your homepage, so you can visualize and choose the best layouts for your business.

Hands-On Support & Accountability:

Join me for two interactive 90-minute coworking sessions designed to help you implement what you’ve learned in the workshop. These sessions give you the support you need to just get.it.done.

Lifetime Access to Replay:

You'll have forever access to the workshop content, so you can revisit and refine your homepage anytime.

I appreciate Trista’s direct approach and that she delivers exactly what she says she’s going to. She's responsive, professional and great at what she does. Trista knows her stuff, does an exceptional job and is a pleasure to work with.
Image of Christine Cowern
Christine Cowern
Christine Cowern Coaching
I was struggling with getting clarity on my message. Trista solved that issue by guiding me through a very simple process to help me understand what I am trying to communicate through my website. Trista is bold and pushed me to think differently about my website and how to communicate to my audience.
Lisa Tomjenovic
Lisat Consulting


Trista DeVries here.

I’ve been in the web design game for over 15 years, creating high-converting websites for small businesses. I know firsthand that your website is your business’s biggest asset, and I’ve seen how challenging it can be for business owners to make their websites truly work for them.

Through the years, I’ve developed a proven framework for creating homepages that not only connect with your visitors but also effortlessly turn them into leads and customers. I’ve helped countless clients transform their websites into money-making machines.

That’s exactly why I created this workshop – to share the knowledge and skills I’ve honed over the years and help you achieve the same success. Let’s do this, friend!

Trista sips a pink lemonade from a brightly coloured straw in a pink sequin top.

Who this workshop is for

You should definitely get this training if:

You’re not a fit for this workshop if:

This training is awesome… and so is its guarantee

I know this training will change your business, so I’m offering a 100% risk-free guarantee.

When you sign up, you’ve got 14 days to decide if this training is right for you. If within those 14 days you attend the workshop (or watch the replay) and review the template and exercises but still feel like it isn’t delivering on its promise, I will happily refund the purchase price.

Just send an email to trista@tristadevries.com to let me know. That’s just the right thing to do.

You got questions? I got answers.

The live workshop takes place on Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 12:00pm EST. It happens virtually on Zoom, so you can be anywhere that works best for you to learn and ask questions.

Attending live is the best way to get all your questions answered, but you’ll receive a recording the following day and you get to keep that forever.

The co-working sessions take place on Wednesday, July 24 at 12:00pm EST and Thursday, July 25 at 2:00pm EST. (Co-working sessions are not recorded.)

This workshop focuses on your homepage because it’s probably the most important page on your website. If your website is your digital storefront, then your homepage is your front display window.

Your homepage sets up three essential things for your visitor: Who you are, what you do, and that you are the best person to solve their problem. If you can get those three things right — and then give them a clear path to working with you — you’ll start seeing a massive increase in engagement and conversion.

In other words, if the window display is engaging, they’ll open the door and come in to browse (which also significantly increases the chances that they’ll make a purchase).

This homepage framework will get you set up to have an incredible window display (and you can use some of these techniques to create other content for your website, too!).

Listen, I know the economy is in a bit of a, um, slump right now and I know that investing any cash in your business can feel risky at the best of times. I wanted to create this training at an accessible price that honours the time, energy, and expertise you’ll get, but is within financial reach for a lot of people.

After 15+ years in this business, I know that how well your website converts visitors into leads is one the biggest indicators of future growth and success. This workshop won’t solve all your website problems, but it will definitely give you a massive boost in your homepage, your confidence, and your bottom line.

I get that. Finding time to work on your business when you’re hustling so hard to get clients feels like climbing Mount Everest with no prep.

You find yourself in a chicken and egg situation, though.

Should you free up 2 hours to do this training (and then a few more to create your homepage)? 

Of should you take this training and have it free up some of your time?

You know my answer.

I created this to be short, sweet, and packed with everything you need to know to get your homepage done, dusted, and working hard for your business.

Future You is yelling at you to make the right decision for Today You.

Over the past 15+ years I’ve worked with countless small business owners in every industry. I’ve used every website builder out there. I’ve run more ads than I’ve had iced coffees (and I drink a lot of coffee). I’ve done more user testing than I’ve had sleep. I’ve read every book I could get my hands on, taken every course I found on brand and web strategy, and built more websites, landing pages, and courses than I can reliably count.

From that, I’ve created a proven framework that is designed to help you achieve real results in your business. This training will show you how to create a customer-focused high-converting homepage that is authentic to you, your purpose, and your business.

I’ve poured all that knowledge into this training because I am obsessed with your business success. I know this will help you attract and convert more clients.

When you sign up for the High-Converting Homepage Workshop, you get:

  • A comprehensive 2-hour live workshop on July 23 at 12:00pm
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating a high-converting homepage
  • Detailed breakdown of the 6 essential sections of a homepage
  • Practical tips for writing compelling copy and selecting impactful images
  • Access to resources, examples, and inspiration


  • Plug-and-play homepage template with detailed examples
  • Design and layout guide for each section
  • Two co-working sessions (July 24 and 25)
  • Unlimited access to the workshop content for ongoing refinement

If you’ve never got a lead from your website (or so few you’d never admit it), are using Facebook or Instagram instead of your website to get leads, or are just so frustrated with the competing advice out there on what works to create a website converts visitors into clients, this workshop is for you. 

You’ll learn how to create compelling content, establish trust, and create a clear path for visitors to become clients. Imagine the growth and success your business will experience with a homepage that works as hard as you do (and is your very best salesperson).

This is not a high-level “tips and tricks” webinar. There’s no selling you on a different training or a program at the end. 

This is an in-depth, thorough, and actionable training workshop that you will leave with the tools you need to implement what you’ve been taught.

The workshop combines proven strategies from my 15+ years of strategic web design experience, hands-on exercises, and clear templates to help you achieve tangible results.

Plus, you’ll have the recording you can re-watch forever and return to when your business goes through changes.

Nope! This is a self-contained training with everything you need to create a high-converting homepage.

To use the framework, strategies, and layout examples, you will need to have a website platform to create the homepage on. Whether you use a service like Squarespace or host your own website on WordPress, you will need somewhere to create your homepage, which is not included in the cost of this workshop.

I am really confident that this workshop will help you get more customers and stand out from the crowd. But if it doesn’t, I offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. 

When you sign up, you’ve got 14 days to decide if this training is right for you. If within those 14 days you attend the workshop (or watch the replay) and review the template and exercises but still feel like it isn’t delivering on its promise, I will happily refund the purchase price.

If you have any other questions, please send them to trista@tristadevries.com and I’ll happily answer.

Are you ready to transform your homepage (and your business)?

Join me for the High-Converting Homepage Workshop on July 23 at 12:00pm and finally achieve the results you’ve been striving for. For just $100 (until July 14), you can learn how to create a homepage that turns visitors into clients.

Here's what you get:

Plus these bonuses:

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