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4 Steps to Discovering Your Target Audience

Before you create any content to promote your business, you need to determine who your ideal client is and where to find them. Yes, you can start creating content immediately – you can even get some livestream videos under your belt quickly – but if you don’t take these steps to determine who is the perfect person to hear your message, you’ll be wasting precious time. Your ideal audience is filled with people who NEED your message; people who are searching for a solution to their problems and will see you as their fearless leader who can help them. If you just start posting your message on social media, it’s a hit or miss strategy – you might reach a few people in your target audience but generally speaking, you’ll miss your mark without doing some research first. 1. Picture your ideal client/customer in your head. You know your business better than anyone so you alone determine WHO you want to work with. As you can see, this is extremely broad so this is the time to narrow down your ideal client demographics. Just as you narrowed down your coaching focus, so you narrow down your client base. 2. Create

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