Kandice-Lee Fired-Up

Project Details Kandice-Lee Fired-Up Website Strategy and Design Course Area Design eCommerce Setup Copywriting Visit the Website Kandice came to me looking for a website to sell her meal plan subscription. She had an awesome brand identity already, but she needed even more foundation to build on. Together we created a solid customer avatar and […]

Christine Cowern Coaching

Project Details Christine Cowern Coaching Website Strategy and Design Sales Page Design Course Area Design Copywriting Visit the Website Christine Cowern is a busy real estate agent who already runs a 7-figure team of agents giving 5-star service. Christine came to me looking for a redesign of her coaching website. Together we created a website […]

Shawna Robins

Project Details Shawna Robins Website Strategy and Design Copywriting Visit the Website Health, wellness, and sleep coach Shawna Robins came to me looking for a website that would help her business grow. Her coaching practice was growing, but she wanted to focus on her speaking engagements and her program, the Rest & Reset Academy. Shawna […]

Faith Goldman

Project Details Faith Goldman Website Strategy and Design IDX Broker Setup Visit the Website Faith came to me looking to rebuild her website to help reflect the dynamic and experienced real estate agent she is. Together we created a website that not only showcased her knowledge and experience, but it allowed her prospective customers to […]

The Little Red Bake Shop

Project Details The Little Red Bake Shop Website Strategy and Design eCommerce Setup Visit the Website Michelle had dreamed of opening her own bakery for years, so when she was laid off during lockdown in 2020, she decided it was time to make her dream a reality. Starting with a cookie subscription box, she came […]

McLean Noble Psychologists

Project Details McLean Noble Psychologists Brand Strategy and Design Copywriting Website Strategy and Design When Dr. Heather McLean diversified her practice in 2021, I was honoured that she came to me to create a brand and website to serve her new business. Together with Dr. Cheryl Noble, we created a visual identity that reflected the […]

Soft as Stone Yoga

Project Details Soft as Stone Yoga Website Strategy and Design Copywriting Noreen, owner of Soft As Stone Yoga, came to me looking for a website refresh. Her previous website was barebones and was difficult to update. Most importantly, it didn’t show off Noreen’s amazing knowledge and personality. Together we created a website that directed her […]

Lisat Consulting

Project Details Lisat Consulting Website Strategy and Design Copywriting Visit the Website A seasoned executive coach, Lisa knew that she needed a website to build her business and gain credibility with her corporate clients. Having worked with a virtual assistant who took the design as far as her skillset would let her, Lisa came to […]

Rubiena Duarte Coaching & Consulting

Project Details Rubiena Duarte Coaching & Consulting Visual Identity Design Website Strategy and Design (coming soon!) Copywriting Rubiena is a life coach and DEI consultant. With an incredible amount of education and experience to her name, Rubiena was looking for a visual identity that would support serving her growing coaching practice and her corporate DEI […]

Ultra 8 Pictures

Project Details Ultra 8 Pictures Website Strategy and Design Visit the Website Katarina and Colin came to TD & Co. looking for an update to their exisitng website that was fun, fresh, and truly represented who they are as a company. Together, we created a unique user experience that guides visitors through the services that […]